Permission procedure:

The school is the legal and financial responsible for all projects that are submitted to the Greek ministry of culture or any other Greek authority by Belgian scholars. The school will not be held responsible for projects or project requests that were submitted by individual scholars.
Applications for excavations, survey or other fieldwork should arrive at the school before the 1st of November of each year. 
The School then verifies all practical and legal requirements of the permission request and if needed, can help with translating the document. Applications for library visits, museum studies, or other activities that fall in the range of activities of the school that are not fieldwork can be made throughout the year, except in August, when the school is closed.
An excellent manual for the procedure of acquiring excavation or survey permits can be found on the website of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
The full Greek text of the law concerning protection of archaeological  and cultural heritage can be found below on website of the Greek ministry of culture: